About This Site

My Story, My Mission & You

Peter Stavrou the Internet Marketer
First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website.
I really do hope you find the information on here very useful and that it contributes towards your success.

Ever since I was 15 I have had a vested interest in eCommerce and Internet Marketing and even though I’ve worked various jobs within the IT industry throughout the years, my passion for digital business continued to burn strong.

The purpose of this website is to share all of the knowledge and experience I have gathered over the years to help you shorten your learning curve and accelerate your success.

My Mission

My mission is to help you learn and develop your skills adequately enough to be able to experience some success online. Since I am here to guide you, you will most likely be able to do this in a few months rather than 7 years like it took me. I had to learn from each and every mistake but you don’t need to waste your time or money repeating the same mistakes!


One of the greatest satisfactions in life is helping others. I have acquired so much knowledge about Internet Marketing and it would be very selfish of me if I did not share it with the world.
I also simply just want to leave my mark.

By the January 2015 there were over 3 billion internet users and this was only 42% of the world’s population.
In saying this, there is no reason to keep this kind of stuff a secret because there is obviously enough money to be made online for everyone who is willing to put in the time and effort.

Internet Use Statistics Internet Use Statistics by Country

Perfect Timing for You!

I’m sure you agree that it is amazing how fast technology and the web is evolving.
Right now is a very special time, especially for all of us entrepreneurs as the rate that technology is developing is incredible!

It’s the start of a Hi-Tech mobile era!

• The trust between e-Stores and customers is strong.
• Customers can shop from anywhere in the world no matter where they are.
• Social networking platforms allow us to be extremely specific on who we target with ads and this can be done at a low cost.
• Developers have created technology that makes it so much easier for us to create websites and phone applications.

There is definitely no better time to start developing yourself for the future than right now!
Your age, sex, background, location, skills and even education does not matter! The only thing that matters is your desire to learn and improve yourself.

I am here to help you make it happen!