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The Two Best Web Hosts You Should Be Using

By February 1, 2016 April 27th, 2017 Web, Product Reviews

The Best Web Host
It can be quite confusing and overwhelming when searching for a web host to run your website as there so many to choose from.

“who is the best web host and who should I use?”  is a question I get asked more than often so I decided to share my personal favorites.

I know that there are many great hosting companies (and many horrible ones) out there but to make this as easy as possible for you, I am only going to share the two that I always use and recommend.

1. BlueHost – For hosting websites globally.
2. Net Virtue – For hosting websites within Australia.


Bluehost – The Best Web Host

Bluehost is highly recommended and has become one of the largest companies specializing in WordPress hosting.
As Bluehost does such an amazing job at hosting WordPress sites they are officially recommended by WordPress.org.

You also never have to worry about your site being slow or down even when there’s a lot of traffic and they you a Free Domain Name as well as fantastic support when you need it.

Bluehost Hosting Benefits

Very Affordable
Fantastic Uptime & Reliability
Excellent Customer Service & 24/7 Support
Fast Web Servers
Officially Recommended as a Web Host For WordPress
1-Click WordPress Install Feature
Very Easy To Use
FREE Site Builders
30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Below are the hosting plans that are currently available at Bluehost or you can click here to visit their website.
Best Web Host - Bluehost Plan


Net Virtue – The Best Web Host For Australia

If your business and primary target market is located in Australia, then you may prefer to use an Australian Web Hosting company instead of an American one.
The benefit of doing so is, seeing as Net Virtue’s web servers are located within Australia it means your website will load faster for Australian users. However, keep in mind that it may will load slower for users outside Australia.
Why? Because if your web servers and users are located within Australia, the data does not need to travel as far as it would if your users are located globally.

Please note that I’m not implying that your website will load terribly slow for users outside Australia, it might not even be noticeable, but technically it will load slower for them which is why services such as Content Delivery Network (CDN) exist (CDN is a post for another time).

As an Australian based Web Hosting company I can’t recommend them enough.
They are reliable, fast and have one of the best support teams I have ever dealt with.

Net Virtue Hosting Benefits

Very Affordable
Fantastic Uptime & Reliability
Excellent Customer Service & Support
Fast Web Servers
Very Easy To Use

Click here to see their Economy Web Hosting plans


Why I Don’t Recommend GoDaddy

I want to quickly talk about GoDaddy as they are a very popular web host and are often recommended.

GoDaddy has built a reputation for being the cheapest.
However, the truth is that they are cheap to get started with but when the time comes to renew your domain or hosting they will boost up their price and charge you more than the average hosting company.

I must admit, they have implemented a very effective marketing strategy as they make it very easy for you to get in and start building your business online.
They know that when the time comes for you to renew their services it is easier for you to pay the higher than average fee than it is to move all of your websites and domains to a different web host.

GoDaddy is a great place to buy very cheap domains, especially when they have sales as you can usually buy them for a few dollars!
I recommend GoDaddy for cheap domains, however, when the time comes to renew and you notice that the price is higher than average, you can very easily transfer them to a different web host.

I do not recommend them for web hosting as it’s not as easy to transfer your entire website(s) to a different company as it is to transfer domain names.
In addition, if your users are located all across the globe your website can be a little slow.
I know for a fact that GoDaddy do not currently have web servers in Australia and I have seen multiple Australian websites hosted with them being noticeable slow.



Overall I recommend Bluehost but if you are a local business that is targeting people from your country then it may be better to find a web host that has web servers in the same country as your target audience.
As I am not familiar with web hosting companies outside the U.S and Australia, you will need to do your own research to find what the recommended hosting companies are in your country.

The only universal advice I can give you is to ensure that the company you go with has a cPanel as this will make your life much more easier in future.
Even though having a cPanel is fairly standard these days, I have worked with a few clients that did not have one.

Who do you host your website with and why?

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