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How to Download a YouTube Video to mp3

By February 1, 2016 December 23rd, 2018 Tech

Being able to download any YouTube video to mp3 can be very useful in so many different ways, but when it comes to entrepreneurship one purpose really stands out, Personal Development.

The ability to convert unlimited YouTube videos to an mp3 for free is heaven for any entrepreneur as there is no shortage of things you can listen to while your on the move.

Keep in mind that you can convert any video to mp3 so don’t limit yourself to just AudioBooks, you can also download and listen to Interviews, Discussions, Seminars and so on.


How to Download a YouTube Video to mp3

1. Copy the URL address of the video you want to download as an mp3.

2. Go to offmp3.com.

3. Enter the URL of the YouTube video and press on the GO button.

4. Once the conversion process completes, click on the link that says CLICK HERE to get your Download Link and you will be prompted to download the mp3 to your computer.
Download a YouTube Video to mp3


YouTube to Mp3 Recommendations

As I am a massive fan of Personal Development and continue to smash through different audios on a daily basis. You can find the ones I recommend by clicking here.

Can you recommend us a video to convert to an mp3?


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