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How to Redirect User If They Are Not Logged In (WordPress)

By December 11, 2016 December 26th, 2018 Webite

“How to redirect user if they are not logged in” is a WordPress question that is commonly asked and is something that is very easy to do without using a plugin
Redirecting a user if they are not logged in is ideal for private and membership sites as you can redirect the user to a specific page (a sales page for example) if they are not logged in.

I personally use this trick on my subdomain training.peterstavrou.com which is a demo site I setup for my YouTube training videos.


How To Redirect User If Not Logged In

To achieve this you simply need to add a piece of code in your header.php file.

  1. 1. Login to the back-end of your WordPress site and go to Appearance then Editor.
  2. How To Redirect User If Not Logged In


  3. 2. On the left-hand side, under Templates click on header.php

  5. 3. Copy and paste the below code at the very top, just under ?php
if (!is_user_logged_in()) {
wp_redirect( 'https://www.peterstavrou.com');
} ?>


For Example:

How To Redirect User If Not Logged In

4. Change the URL https://www.peterstavrou.com to a URL of your choice and click on the Update File button.

That’s all there is to it 🙂


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