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How To Fix “Comment Failed To Post” On YouTube

By March 5, 2017 Social Media

How To Fix Comment Failed To Post On YouTube

Have you ever tried to reply to a comment on YouTube and received the error message Comment failed to post?
What a pain the in bum this error is! Especially since it affects YouTube SEO and the ability for you to build relationships with your viewers.

Lucky for us, the solution to this annoying Comment failed to post error message is extremely simple!


Comment Failed To Post – YouTube Fix

Believe it or not, the solution is to simply let the video play for a few seconds before posting your comment.

We can only assume that the reason YouTube has implemented this error message is to reduce the amount of spam comments.

Did you manage to fix your Comment Failed To Post issue?


  • David Faubion says:


  • Marcos says:

    Be it replies or just plain ole’ comments, I can’t seem to post more than a few. So if I’m very opinionated and watch about 30 videos, I can only comment on… 10? Sure, I’m not a SJW or Feminist but you’d think even the bigots in power wouldn’t want to destroy their own platform with censorship… so first, how to actually fix the problem – because it would seem it’s not only restricted to replies – and why is it happening?

  • Mason says:

    Believe it or not. This doesn’t work. It never has.

    • Peter Stavrou says:

      This does work depending on the situation and I have tested it with my own account.
      It only doesn’t work if you have been blocked from commenting.

  • Susan says:

    Thanks for you response Alex, it has started working again and perhaps you are correct. I do comment against all the crap going on so we all know how “truth speak” is not acceptable to the powers that be.

  • Susan B says:

    Nothing I do works, I even turned off my AdBlocker and still not working. I can let the Video run for long while and still does not work, I can refresh over and over again still does not work. Help.

  • Karen says:

    Thanks! it worked for me.

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